Simply download our app and SeaDrone is ready to dive within minutes. SeaDrone's lightweight and portable design allow for quick deployment. Automated vehicle stabilization and integrated sensors allow for effortless and intuitive piloting.


iOS Tablet Control Interface

Document your inspection task with photos, video, and audio notes stored and organized directly on your Ipad. 


Thrusters have no mechanical seals or pressure housing that will develop leaks.



The Center of Mass and Center of Buoyancy are far appart designed for easy and stable video capture.

Auto Depth / Auto Heading

Focus on capturing the footage you
want and not piloting the robot.
SeaDrone’s precise Auto Depth and
Auto Heading system simplifies the
vehicle’s control.

Auto heading_2.png

Video stabilization

SeaDrone dynamically regulates the
camera’s pitch angle to help reduce
oscillations when piloting the robot
and capturing footage.